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Let’s get this party started and... Lose Weight with Hypnosis

I want to come to your party!  You set it up.
It’s a
 “Get Serious and Lose Weight with Hypnosis Party”
Here’s how it works.

Let’s have a serious weight loss hypnosis party and get serious about releasing weight.  
Invite some of your closest friends, family or co-workers who want to get serious about
weight and let’s begin to release the weight that you know you really want to let go.  I’ll come
to your house or come to my office where we can finally begin to condition you for weight loss
success.   And… Have fun doing it with friends and family who will all be there to support
each other.  This is a powerful program designed to unleash success.  

As you know, hypnosis works well as a stand-alone tool to modify old habits, while at the
same time it can complement and enhance any legitimate diet program that you want to use
to get to the perfect size and weight for you.  Make those diet programs a pleasure to stick to
rather than a burden to avoid.  Be the envy of everyone else on the program as you keep
smiling.  You’ll be so glad you did.  Forget failure… head toward success.  I’ll even bring
reinforcement weight CDs.

First, you have got to decide to have a “Get Serious and Lose Weight with Hypnosis Party.”  
The first party is
$49 per person, minimum four people.  Each participant gets a CD and a
plan to use between parties.  After that, parties for past participants are only
$20 per person.  
You can stay on track and track your weight release at the same time.  Call your friends, then
call me today… Let’s get this party started and lose weight with hypnosis.    

Starts at only $49 per person / includes CD

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Group Lose Weight Party    
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  • Follow up sessions / reduced rates
  • Weight CDs for Reinforcement