Intentional Daydreaming
Test-Taking and Study-Skills Program        
George Guarino Certified Hypnotist Albany NY
George Guarino,CH
Intentional Daydreaming for Test-Taking and Study-Skills
      Intentional Daydreaming for Test-taking and Study-skills Program

 Waiver and Participation Agreement

Intentional Daydreaming for Test-taking and Study-skills is a program developed by
George Guarino,CH to help learners to learn easily, naturally and automatically.  This
program is to be used in conjunction with traditional teaching methods and is not
intended to be a substitute for such.  This program is designed and intended to help
condition learners to be ready and receptive to absorb information, formulate quality
questions for further clarity of subject material, and to inspire worthiness of a superior
grade.  Participation in the program is completely voluntary.  

Participation in the program requires respectful attendance in the program at the
agreed upon dates, times and location set below.  

Participants are free to discontinue the program at any time simply by informing the
program administrator of such without disrupting other participants. There are no
implied or guaranteed results from participating in the program and participants and
guardians agree to hold George Guarino,CH, the administrator and the program venue
harmless of any real or perceived detriment from program participation.  This program
is intended for educational purposes only.  Participants and their guardians are
welcome to contact George Guarino,CH directly with any comments, concerns or
additional questions concerning the program.

I, _______________________________________, willingly agree to participate in this
program and agree to respectfully attend each session, arriving on time and follow all
instructions.  I understand that the actual time of each program session is only 7 to 10
minutes but I agree to allow 20 minutes in order to provide time for questions and for
networking within the guidelines of the individual program administrator.

Before and upon completion of the program I agree to provide grade information and
an evaluation of the program to track program results.  I agree to participate with a
positive attitude and an open mind, receptive to new ideas and a willingness to do my
best in my schoolwork throughout the year.  I understand that no extra effort is
required to participate in this program and that I simply will listen and follow the
instructions without comment or critique.  I understand that the full text and audios of
the program are available at and I know that
additional use of the program outside of the agreed upon dates and times is
permissible, freely available and encouraged, but not necessary.  

_________________________________      _______________________________
                  Participant                                                         Guardian

_________________________________      _______________________________
          Today’s Date                                                   Program Administrator

Program Location: ____________________________________________________   

Program Times: ______________________________________________________

Program Dates: ______________________________________________________

You may use this Agreement-Waiver form or construct your own.  It may be necessary to ask for advice from the school or
venue as to proper waiver formatting for the individual location and organization for which the program is being presented.  

It is important to:         1. Clearly get agreement from all participants and guardians of minor children.
                                  2. Clearly set expectations of attendance.
                                  3. Clearly state the location, dates and times.

                                  4.  If an incentive (like a gift card or movie tickets) is to be awarded to participants for complete
                                       participation in the program it can be stated in the agreement as well.



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