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It's always great to hear comments about how hypnosis has helped my clients.  
I am dedicated to your success.  
George Guarino, CH
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Phone message I received in June, 2009 from Wendy  (1 minute)
May 13, 2013
Dear George,
  I wanted to email you to let you know of the great success I have had since our visit for the
Smoking Cessation. It has been a tremendous change in my life. A feeling of peace and
tranquility that i have never experienced before when trying to become
a non smoker. Past experiences have resulted in aggravation, withdrawl symptoms, unhappy
people around me due to trying to quit cold turkey, or with the patch smoking while i was on the
patch. The time I attempted to use Chantix medication I was met with horribly vivid nasty
nightmares of someone breaking into my house it was an ugly experience.

Now what I'd like to say is this. THANK YOU for allowing it to be SO EASY. It has been the
easiest change I have ever gone through. No Withdrawls,
no nightmares, no aggravation, no anger, or anything. Just sweet pleasant feelings of happiness,
contentment, Success, a drive I haven't had in
a long time and even ambition to do things i've always wanted to do. Hypnosis WAS the Easiest
Thing I could have done. I am So glad that I Was Ready
to become a non smoker, and that i was led to you. I hope that this testimonial will help others
come to you to become a non smoker as well. If you
are ready and want it. HYPNOSIS WILL HELP. I know It helped me tremendously.
Thank you again
PS I AM seeing the world now thru better smelling glasses..

I know this is going to sound rather unbelievable, but it is really true:
I started smoking at age 13 and now I am 49.  I found myself smoking even more and feeling
horrible.  I knew this habit was killing me but I just could not stop.  I QUIT SMOKING with
George's help!  I could not have done this if I had not found George.  I tried nicotine patches,
medications, cold turkey....nothing worked.  When I was just about to throw in the towel, I
Googled "hypnosis in Delmar". Up popped George. I made an appointment and HAVE NOT
SMOKED in 8 weeks.  (update - it's been 3 years now)
Of course, I was skeptical of hypnosis.  Quite frankly, I thought it was a crock.  I am an extremely
stubborn person, so I just knew that this was not going to work for me.  After one session with
George, I quit!  George gave me the tools (and a few reinforcement CDs) necessary to make this
awesome change.  I feel so much better since I quit.  I can breathe, taste & smell again.  I did not
experience any withdrawal symptoms, which I still cannot believe!  My husband says, 'it's like you
never smoked'.  I find myself doing more things with greater ease.  I smell better, look better and
have more money in my pocket.  My habit was $10 a day, $300 a month, $3,650 a year &
climbing.  Yaaaay! I am treating myself with this new found money.  
Now, I wholeheartedly recommend hypnosis.  If it worked for me, it can work for you.  I tell
everyone I can about hypnosis.  It really works!  Don't be skeptical like I was.  My only regret is
that I did not find George sooner.  I kicked the habit with such ease, it truly is unbelievable.  
Barbara - Delmar, NY

Still not smoking Monday, March 16, 2009 8:46 PM
From: "Helen" To: george@HypnosisWorksWell.com
I thought that I would email you to let you know that tomorrow is my 1 year anniversary of being
smoke free! Thanks for your help!  Helen

Thanks for all of your help! Posted on 05/06/2008
Hi George, I was very impressed with how you were able to make me feel comfortable and in
control from the first moment we met. I really didn't know what to expect and was a bit
apprehensive before our first meeting but right from the start I knew that I made the right choice
and that you would be able to help me get myself jump started. It was very easy to get to your
office building and the office is a very relaxing environment. AND on top off all that, I have lost 41
lbs so far and am half way to my goal of 80. Thanks for all of your help!    
Take care, Pat   -   Albany, NY