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Hypnosis for Study Skills and Exams   
George Guarino Certified Hypnotist Albany NY
George Guarino,CH
When... You are ready... Hypnosis Works Well.com
Hypnosis for Exam-taking and Study Skills

Albany Area Sessions

Now is a wonderful time to
gain the extra benefits hypnosis
has to offer those who want to improve their
study skills and exam-taking abilities
As you give yourself permission
to experience the benefits of hypnosis,
it is exciting to see the results.

I have developed a 3 session program
for students in middle school, high school,
college and those who are taking certification
studies for their professional development.

The program will be modified to suit
the participants attending.      

Hypnosis Works Well
Hypnosis Works Wonders

Experience what hypnosis can do for you to improve your education.  
Become comfortable and confident that you can succeed easily and

Minimum 4 participants per session
Call or email for more information:

Only $39 per session
Block of 3 for $99

Imagine feeling comfortable and confident
Call or email today.

Individual sessions always available.
call today

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