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What is Hypnosis and how does it work?

Hypnosis is:    To by-pass the critical factor of the conscious mind with
focused attention working directly with the subconscious mind, introducing
acceptable suggestions with insight techniques.

Hypnosis is a focused state of attention.

Hypnosis is not relaxation... Yet it can be very relaxing.

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis.  The hypnotist is your guide.

You are always in control and will not allow suggestions that are in conflict with
your moral or ethical beliefs to influence you. In fact, you would naturally
emerge from hypnosis if this type of suggestion were to be introduced.

The steps to a successful hypnosis session are:
1) The induction - the technique of becoming hypnotized
2) The session - a variety of techniques and strategies to
address subconscious change
3) Emerging from hypnosis - returning to the Beta state of

Hypnosis was accepted by the American Medical Association in 1958.

A hypnosis session can be as short as 20 minutes or as long as a couple of
hours or more.  Typically the initial session consists of a pre-talk and intake to
allow the client time to understand the process and have their questions
answered, and for the hypnotist to gather information about what changes the
client has come to achieve.
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clear, deep hypnosis may be attained almost immediately  and can result in a
one session success.  Typically 3-5 sessions may be desirable for deep-
rooted problems and to allow the client time to work through secondary issues
that may arise.

Hypnosis is not talk therapy and does not require many multiple sessions to
effect change.  

Most everyone can attain a state of hypnosis. Some will attain deeper states
than others and get there faster. Much work can be achieved in even light
states of hypnosis, but a state of somnambulism is most desirable to effect
change.  Somnambulism can be likened to sleepwalking where one appears
to be asleep but is truly in a heightened state of focus and awareness.

Only fear can keep someone from becoming hypnotized.  
Changing fear into excitement is the solution to this impediment and can allow
for dramatic success.

One can not get stuck in hypnosis.  What may appear to be a client not
emerging on queue is merely the client's blissful desire to remain in this
extremely pleasant state. Gentle techniques are available to emerge clients
from this state.  Sleep also brings one out of hypnosis naturally.

Self-hypnosis can be taught to most anyone having experienced hypnosis
and is the primary compliment to a successful outcome.

Hypnosis is not a faith, belief or religion, and is compatible with all of the
world's major religions with many religious leaders, world leaders, intellectuals,
sports figures, actors, business-persons, and common men, women and
children from all walks of life experiencing its benefits.
Hypnosis, whether it be self-hypnosis or induced by a hypnotist can be a
friend for life with a myriad number of uses.  From pain control to weight
management, study skills and test-taking, athletic improvement, tension relief
and habit control, hypnosis can help change ones life for the better and widen
ones ability to deal with what unfolds.

Hypnosis is the ancient tool of mankind that 21st Century man has been
waiting for.  It is time to use what we know.

To read more about hypnosis and hypnotherapy these books are suggested
reading for those who are interested:

  • The Art of Hypnotherapy - C. Roy Hunter
  • Many Lives, Many Masters  - Brian Weiss
  • The Secret Language of Feelings - Calvin Banyan
  • Monsters and Magical Sticks - Stephen Heller
  • Official Consumer Guide to Hypnotism - National Guild of Hypnotists

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