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Hypnosis for Weight Management   
George Guarino Certified Hypnotist Albany NY
George Guarino,CH
When... You are ready... Hypnosis Works Well.com

Now is the time to seriously work on
your weight management.
.... Slim Yourself Now ....


You know you would like to improve your eating patterns.
loose those excess pounds and inches.

Hypnosis will help identify your trouble areas and work with
you to become the slender, attractive individual you know
you deserve to be.


We'll work on the your present patterns and determine how
they can be adjusted to accomplish your goals.

We'll discuss "diet" plans and how they can be made to be
much more successful
as well as "non-diet" plans
that can help you automatically head toward the size and
weight that is right for you.

Hypnosis Works Well
Hypnosis Works Wonders

Trust your subconscious and become the person
you know resides within.

Sessions to enhance any current diet plan available.

Individual sessions available

Call or email for more information:

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Weight Management
Private Sessions:
Block of 3
for only $129 apiece
The Best Way To Go
call or email for more info
Albany, New York, USA  518-256-6549

Personal Group
If you have a group
of at least 4
interested in a private
weight management
group session,
I am happy to schedule you  
for only $49 per person.
Call me directly at
This session can take place
either at my office or
at your home.
Avaiable for as low as
$12 per person.
50 people or more
CD not included
Call 518-256-6549