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Stop Smoking with Hypnosis   
George Guarino Certified Hypnotist Albany NY
George Guarino,CH
That's right... that's the way it is
as you decide to
contact me, choose to regain control and
allow yourself to follow my suggestions easily...
that's hypnosis.

I am Certified Hypnotist George Guarino of Albany, New York and it
would be my pleasure to help you fulfill your need, want and desire to
become the non-smoker you can become again as you
stop smoking with hypnosis.

You've got a lot of living to do.
Start Now, Start Again and call!


In September 2005 I earned my credentials as a
Certified Hypnotist at Samaritan Hospital in NY using curriculum
provided by the National Guild of Hypnotists, the largest hypnosis
organization in the world.

Since becoming certified in '05 I've honed my skills and
provided hundreds of sessions with many clients just like you.  We've
worked together to stop smoking with hypnosis along with a host of
other issues, experiencing wonderful positive results.
Business executives and business owners, TV personalities and lab
technicians, office employees, nurses, salespeople, teachers,
students and principals, pilots, state workers, cooks, authors and
artists, waiters, musicians, teens, seniors, fathers and mothers have
all come to me and we've been influential in changing lives with the
use of hypnosis.  When other methods of complementary intervention
have not been able to make the permanent changes these clients
have been yearning to achieve hypnosis has been there and will
continue to be.  

Whether a first choice or a last resort hypnosis continues to surprise
and delight those who are ready and willing to participate with an
open mind and a profound need to succeed. The easy, powerful,
organic nature of hypnosis sets it apart from other possible methods
currently used for stop smoking.  

And... you'll experience how self-hypnosis can be self-applied to help
address daily concerns.

Hypnosis is fast and fun.
Hypnosis can empower you and free you from having to live in the
past as your new smoke free future unfolds.

Your financial commitment is minimized to as little as the first visit.
Your commitment is your bond.  Your initial commitment is all you
need, with the understanding that as you follow my suggestions
you will succeed.

My proudest hypnosis achievements are in the area of
smoking cessation.  
This insidious compulsion has ruined and taken the lives of many a
wonderful human being far too soon.  It has touched lives of friends
and relatives, service persons, clergy, musicians, union workers, the
powerful and the meek.  It touches every family and segment of our

Smoking must be stopped... Please call 518-256-6549   

I have made ridding the world of this hideous activity part of my life’s
work and I hope that through my efforts I will be able to help you

Some feel it is too late...  
But it is not too late!
Think of everyone who you love
and everyone who loves you.

For those absolutely determined to stop smoking with hypnosis, my
doors are open and I welcome you to take the first step and contact

This step is necessary if I am to help make a permanent change in
your life that you will appreciate long after our meeting has become a
distant memory.  

Thank you for this opportunity to serve you and help make
New York State a better place to live, work and play
smoke free.

Get Ready to Stop Smoking with Hypnosis

518-256-6549  or george@HypnosisWorksWell.com

Semi-Monthy group sessions available for 4-10
Click here or call for details.
Stop Smoking with
Private Sessions only
Call and let me
explain the pricing.

Please consider what
continuing to smoke
will cost you.  

Would you like to
forget about smoking

I guarantee you will
stop smoking
or later...
I suggest you decide
to do it NOW and give
yourself the best
chance to live a full
quality life.

Call Now 518-256-6549

Perhaps I can fit you
in today... just ask.

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Albany, New York, USA  518-256-6549

Cigarette taxes
have just gone up
in NYS.
Taxes, taxes, taxes
Don't let the taxman
rob you anymore.
Say NO
to more taxes.

Say I Don't Smoke!

You absolutely can
Say NO
to smoking.
Never buy another
Begin your
non-smoking life
again today.
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YES You Can - Stop Smoking Right NOW!
Become a Non-smoker with Hypnosis

Come to my office and leave a non-smoker.
Can you say "I don't smoke" and smile?

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