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George Guarino,CH
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I am Certified Hypnotist George Guarino, CH
and I would like to come and speak with your group about how
hypnosis can help those who are willing to follow my
suggestions to live a more fulfilling life.

Hypnosis is a wonderful tool that can be used to enhance
healing, focus attention, test-taking, stress relief, provide pain
management and address many other areas of your life.

I have two specific programs that I am interested in offering to
groups who are active and open to new ways of approaching life.

The first presentation is:
“Take a Four Week Vacation in Only 30 Minutes...
This presentation was inspired from research that a colleague,
Stephen Breda, did to enhance concentration, focus and
increase stress relief through stress management.  This is a fun
exercise that takes approximately 30 minutes where the listener
goes on an imaginary vacation anywhere they like.  If feels great
and has been reported to have changed lives, always in a
powerful, positive way.  I’ve presented this to seniors, children,
and healthcare professionals with wonderful results.  Now I offer
it to you.  

The presentation begins with a short hypnosis demonstration
and experiential and progresses into a mind trip that expands
and de-stresses all who participate.  No physical activity is
involved and all are invited to attend and participate, including

The second presentation is for Golfers.  

I’m looking to work with a group of golfers who play golf on a
consistent basis and are interested in improving their game
through the use of focused attention.  

I am pleased to report that my work with PGA golf-pros and avid
golfers has improved scores and enjoyment of the game
immensely.  Having played much golf myself with seasoned
golfers I’ve come to appreciate their unique approach to the
game.  Through observation, I’ve determined that the putting
surface is where they can most improve easily if they would only
allow themselves the opportunity and confidence to succeed.  
My program focuses on putting confidence and takes advantage
of strategies and techniques that have proven successful for
many golfers of all ages and abilities.  The major prerequisite for
success is consistent play and a desire to improve and enjoy
one’s game. Hypnosis can be a golfer’s secret success tool as
valuable as any piece of equipment they now have in their bag.  
And, it opens the door for a lifetime of pleasure; it’s fun and easy.

If either program is of interest to your organization or if you
would be interested in another hypnosis presentation topic such
as weight management, smoking cessation or stress relief,
please be in touch with me and we can discuss the details.     

George Guarino, CH