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These Free Self-Hypnosis Audios are yours to work with.

You are welcome to use them for your personal improvement and I
encourage you to do so regularly.

I suggest you listen to them daily for 3 weeks and notice your changes.

Simply focus your thoughts on your goal and listen to the audio.  Allow
your thoughts to drift.  It is unimportant to hear every word consciously
for these audios are designed to access your subconscious mind
automatically.  Give yourself permission to find time for yourself.  You are
worth it.  Find a place to sit and relax, preferably with your eyes closed,
breathing deeply as you listen.  Using headphones is even better.

Your job is simply to listen on a regular basis and notice the changes as
they unfold.

Free Hypnosis MP3s   
George Guarino Certified Hypnotist Albany NY
George Guarino,CH
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Time 11.5 minutes
Free Hypnosis MP3s
Self-Hypnosis for Achieving Your Goals
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Hypnosis Pre-Talk  /  Listen before session
Time 3 minutes
Very important audio:
Immune Cell Imagery Guided Imagery by Belleruth Naparstek
Click here to access this powerful audio that includes everything you
need to know to be successful.  This free audio is my gift to you.  Please
use it in a safe place only when you can listen and focus you attention
Click here.