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Releasing fear is one of the most common and practical applications of
hypnosis.  An irrational fear is one that limits us from enjoying life to the
fullest and stands in the way of many wonderful opportunities that this
life has to offer.  As you know, fear can rob you of years of enjoyment.  

Fear of flying, fear of spiders or snakes, fear of enclosed spaces, fear
of abandonment etc. are all limiting reactions to false evidence that
appears real, F.E.A.R.  
Let me assure you that I know the fearful
reaction is very real
, but generally the reason for the fearful reaction
and the feeling you may be experiencing in your body are based on a
passed emotional experience that the subconscious mind is mistakenly
using to protect you when it really needs to move on and perform
another task.  Hypnosis can provide the way for this to happen.

Hypnotic techniques exist to unlock and neutralize these states and I am
ready to work with you on these issues.  Many times these issues can
be dealt with in one session.  Some take longer but the bottom line is
that hypnosis can be used to free you from years of pain and emotional
discomfort.   Let it happen.  You don't have to live with fear any longer.

Please call so that we can get to work now.  

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Release Fear   
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