Art-Hypnosis Hypnosis-Art
Artist: George Guarino, CH
Mission Statement:  To explore the relationship between the viewer, the gallery space and the use of a piece of art as a
focal point for self-confidence, insight and growth. My canvas is the space between the viewer and the piece of art.  I
intend to produce works that suggest and condition the viewer to go inside themselves through art and find their own
ability to use this experience for future discovery and growth.

To be really good at hypnosis, simply follow my instructions to have a meaningful experience and feel good.
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My Minds - Deep Trance
Digital Collage and Ink Transfer Artwork by George Guarino
Capital Repertory Theatre Gallery, 111 North Pearl St., Albany, NY
Exhibit open through October 20, 2013
This is about YOU, the viewer, the one who is on the other side now.
For this process to move forward I need you.

In order to clarify, intensify and hone this new way of experiencing artworks, it is very
important that I get your feedback, comments and suggestions.  

You are an integral part of the process.  Whatever you have experienced is important.   We
need to know what has happened.  Through this experience you have changed because it is
impossible to remain the same.  

Post your comments now and then come back in a week or two and report again.

Thank you.  George Guarino, CH    
You have been invited here because you have
experienced Art-Hypnosis Hypnosis-Art (AH-HA)
Please let me know what you think and what has
happened since your experience.
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copyright 2013 George Guarino, CH
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